The World Is Chaotic. Restless. Turbulent beneath the Calm

Can the inner world or the worlds within an individual be any different?


World within Worlds

For a World driven by cold and calculative logic….the answer is “NO”. It is simply logical that it mimics the outer…Ain’t it?

However the inhabitant individuals are fortunately not ROBOTS…The individuals are not only logic, but logic and creativity…logic and intuition….logic and emotions… logic and illogicality….all combined…. a mish mash…with no clear demarcation line ….Ain’t it a single brain?


Spot the divide??

Perhaps the most important characteristic to be understood… to be accepted is that Life is a Blend….

It is not Logic Vs Creativity

It is not Logic Vs Intuition

It is not Logic Vs Emotions

Yet it is

Logic and Creativity

Logic and Intuition

Logic and Emotions

Logic and Illogicality

Life is a Blend…Each compliments the other…

The logic of a creative mind has a totally different and rich flavour intrinsically contained in it…

Life is not only a Blend… but also a Balance…and an Acceptance of all its apparent opposites and imbalances and flavours

Welcome to the World of Wellness

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