Though Music is for everybody, it brings about a significant change in ‘Moms-to-be’ and the ‘to be born babies’. Listening to certain genre of music creates wonders in the carrying women and new mothers.

“Moms-to-be” go through a pendulum of emotions, oscillating between extreme ends, at a physical and mental level. While symptoms like morning sickness, tiredness, bulgy stomach and so on bother her at a physical level, stress, fear, anxiety, expectations, overwhelmed happiness, relational strain and many more bother at a mental level. Coping up with all these emotions are extremely necessary in the birth of a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Listening to certain genre of music, can benefit the expectant moms, in coping with their emotions and the baby in the womb benefits in many ways as well.

Music also has a mystic element associated with it. I would not be wrong in defining music as a mystic healer for the fact that it heals the human body mind, much beyond the realm of science. The 72,000 Naadis (Nerve endings on a physical plane) amazingly end at the navel and coincidentally the umbilical cord, is an extension of mom’s navel, through which the baby in the womb gets its life and nourishment!!! Hence one can imagine the benefits of rich nourishment, coming not only through good nutrition but also good music for soul.


Post pregnancy symptoms like depression (due to hormonal dip), stress and irritation (due to broken sleep pattern, work-home balance pressure, lifestyles, etc), feeling of worthlessness, guilt, general loss of interest with family and friends, etc., are again a bagful, to sort and cope with, apart from physiological imbalances. Music therapy again is an antidote, helps cope and rejuvenate oneself.

Recent developments in research have proved that playing and listening to music reduces Chronic Stress by lowering the stress hormone “Cortisol”.   It also increases the neurotransmitter “Dopamine”, a feel good hormone of our body. It also stimulates brain hormone “Oxytocin”, a very important hormone in women. Oxytocin is basically a hormone which signals the contraction of the womb during labor and also facilitates lactation in new moms.

During pregnancy, the expecting mom is not the only being of concern. What about the developing baby in the womb? Believe me, the baby is the one who enjoys the maximum benefits of music, when the mom listens to the music. Needless to mention, how Abhimanyu, Son of Arjuna, picked up the art of breaking the Padmavyuha (Lotus formation strategy), in the Epic story of Mahabharata. There are evidences which show that babies calm down when played a lullaby, which he/she was introduced to, when  in the womb. The baby has the ability to relate to the lullaby and so connects with it emotionally.

A few other benefits to name:baby on music

  1. enhances the cognitive skills.
  2. enhances gross motor skills.
  3. enhances spatial thinking.
  4. enhances the emotional intelligence.
  5. strengthens the mother-baby emotional bonding.

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