For the benefit of the viewers, the audio has been restricted to a single song discussion. The song discussed in this audio is hanumanta deva namo. Do let me know how did you all like the post!! :)

Hanumanta deva namo: Raaga: Poorvi Kalyani, taaLa:Adi, Composer:Purandaradasa

Raaga Benefits: A Janya (baby) raaga of the mELakarta(Parent), Gamanashrama, poorviKalyaaNi happens to be an intense raaga of Devotion. The ascent and descent go thus:

Ascent:    S R1 G3 M2 P D2 P S||

Descent: S N3 D2 P M2 G3 R1 S||

As one can see, both the ascent and descent have Swaras(Notes) in a zig zag fashion. Hence the Raaga is Vakra- ShaaDava(6 notes in the ascent)- sampUrNa(all 7 notes in the descent) raaga. This complex structure of the raaga makes it a wellness recipe for reducing Depression and Anxiety. It is also highly effective in treating Head Aches/Migraine, Sinus and Ear problems.

Emotional Outlook: Promotes Optimism.

Lyrics: (Discussed in the Audio)hanuman

hanumanta dEva namO||

vanadhiyanu dATi dAnavara daNDisida||

rAma lakShmaNara kaTTALagi nee naDede bhUmijege mudreyunguravannitte ||
A mahA lankeya nagaravanellavanu nee dhUmagamava mADi merede mahatma||

shrImadAchAryara purapatiyendenipa shrI mahAlakumi nArAyaNa rUpa
shrI manOhara purandara viTTala dAsa prEmada ALu hanumanta balavanta||

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