via Daily Prompt: Reprieve

In the life of some students pursuing their degrees…. 35 is a very important number(predominantly In India)

35 is a very insulting number to the Geeks..  As a matter of fact…anything less than 100 is demeaning… They believe in the descending number value system…

Marks ranging from 100 backwards to 90 or 80…was the threshold.. A score below 80 was a virtual suicide for such folks…


Fortunately or Unfortunately the Almighty decided not to wire my brain in the above category.. much to the dismay of my teachers, parents and other concerned relatives…

I happened to be included in the cattle “cl-ass”… Who believed in the Ascending Number System in Exams… with a critical threshold number… That number was 35…


Anything at par or above that was always considered a lucky reprieve…a blessing from the stars.. that helped us surmount the insurmountable !!


Anything below 35…was marked as FAIL (“F”)… which also initiated the screwed up state of affairs to follow…











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