via Daily Prompt: Lust
It spares no one from it’s Thrust
Everyone is to experience it as a First…
Some sink deep into it’s Crust…
Some apparently deny it’s Outburst….
It mesmerizes when on a page
It has engulfed many a Sage
Is not deterred either by Rage
And can accompany one into Old Age…
In it…Many a leader has gone Bust…
Reducing them to nothing but Dust…
It Splits One into Two…
One is unsure what to Do…
Understand it, one Must….
Else One remains engulfed in…
You guessed it right… Lust!!

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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    Purely made to order words of English language. Great manipulations!.
    Highly recommended for modern poetry books of MA (Lit).!!!


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