Buddha often used to emphasize “Acceptance”, not focussed on the other…but primarily of “oneself”


“Do you accept yourself the way you are, this very moment”?… If this query is posed to any individual,the answer is most likely to be a “NO”…If one queries further, The answer would be in line with Robert Frost’s famous lines “I have miles to go before I sleep“….a lot to achieve in such a short duration….


I lack this, I want that, I need to achieve respectability, fame, authority, status, a revenge and only then can I accept myself.. “Only then have I proved myself to the World”…Only then can I even think of accepting myself….

If the above strikes a chord, welcome to Acceptance. A word so simple, so non-agressive, so passive but to integrate with “Acceptance” requires complete authenticity and courage, a deep loving and understanding of one self..

Yes, One can prove oneself to the world… but the very proving indicates the fragments within.. There are parts within… that are divergent, playing the role of possibly a judge, a prosecutor….There are many critical voices residing within One…pulling one in many different directions…in every step taken… in the long and arduous journey called Life…

There is also another approach… I am what I am, Existence has created me from a race of one in a million, A race I have already Won by my manifestation…blessed by existence itself….. I love myself with all my imperfections and supposed shortcomings…I am complete, whole and perfect in an imperfect world…


If need be, I too shall run the race, but carrying within me this profound grace and understanding…in absolute synchronicity and resonance with myself…A single entity..no additional baggage or fragments within!! Wherever I reach, is the destination…



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