Picture this…
Humans lined up…including children and adults…behind fences…behind barbed wires.
Some superior race has rounded up these “children of a lesser God” to live a life in tiny fenced cages… Some crumbs are thrown for these lowly creatures to survive and keep the superior race entertained.
World War-2 was the closest when such a disgusting model was emulated….Humanity awoke, fought and overcame certain forces…against those operating from the lowest ebb of human consciousness
If the above images are cruel enough… then why shouldn’t the below images as well qualify in the same category… why can’t the below images generate the same disgust as humans in captivity??

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Animals are born wild.. they belong to the wilderness… they beauty is in their being wild… being free… to roam the jungles… to soar in the skies… to swing on trees…to prowl… to graze…to swagger…
In today’s technology age… hasn’t mankind seen enough of animals already… Is there any need to keep these lovely creatures caged??
Freedom is the birthright of every individual and this includes animals as well…
Humanity includes animals and Nature as well…
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