via Daily Prompt: Patina
Honestly, I had to look up the synonym of this word… Patina.. Thanks to this Daily Prompt, my vocabulary stands enriched..
Wikipedia defines the word thus :

Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of stone, copper, bronze and similar metals, wooden furniture, or any such acquired change of a surface through age and exposure…
Given my fetish to understand the working of the marvel entrapped between the ears and enclosed within skull….that portion called the brain within which exists an illusory yet tightly held, rigid and frigid identity called the “Mind”… which we regard as absolutely real…Can it get any more complex than this??
It is absolutely possible that this “Patina” like layer also engulfs and dulls the mind and subsequently the brain…just like a haze.. a mist… which dulls our creativity…our liveliness…our spontaneity
Monotony being the prime contributing factor for this dullness and lack of a creative spark … Do a particular thing day in and day out and how long can one continue fully alert??
So here are some tips to keep the mind and the brain fully meshed…in rapport
Find and follow your hobby… Something which once upon a time you were truly passionate about, at some point of time in your life…Be it cooking, baking, gardening, music, writing, reading, blogging, reviewing, painting, sketching, astronomy, cycling, biking, astrology or whatever under the sun and moon…
Whatever that tugged your heart strings without any simply found it’s way… it simply seduced you into a different world…and through which you awoke more relaxed and refreshed…

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It is a proven fact that learning something new, rekindling a love affair with a long lost hobby, creates new neural pathways in the brain… releases new feel good hormones…creates an orgasmic and exponentially liberating feeling… you slowly drop the old patterns and the new starts embracing you…


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