Certain skills come naturally to us. We are a born natural with somethings, which may be a herculean task for some others.

For example, a flair for painting or poetry may come naturally to some, where as gardening or a love for baking may come naturally to some others…Whatever one’s natural flair is, let it roll…

Some may find peace in a temple or a place of worship, where as some may find peace in a cemetery or a grave yard..Some may find peace in the dawn light while some may find peace in the solitude of the night..

Some may find their creative outlet through Matter, while some others may find their creative outlet through Spirit…

Whatever your flair is, keep it rolling… Don’t think and pause…let it flow.. Flowing with the flow is your release… is your creative expression… is your creative outburst…is your prayer…

If you were to ask this centipede (or whatever it’s  scientific name is) how does he synchronize that many legs so effortlessly, so beautifully…. he wouldn’t have an answer…he would simply shrug his shoulders and crawl away…



Similar is the case with you, flow with the flow… that is your intrinsic gift to mother nature…to existence…

Beware…If you stop, pause and ponder… you become a philosopher ;)

The flow is lost…the synchronicity is lost… you can only talk about it :)

IC – pixabay.com

Video Courtesy – Yours truly

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