The Sun is the life sustainer of Earth. The entire life cycle of earth revolves around it. Yes, even the earth revolves around the Sun!!


What is visible also hides the invisible.What is routinely visible in the physical realm also tends to be overlooked and ignored. (Familiarity breeds contempt!!!). Such has been the disdain of mankind towards the Life Sustainer, the SUN!!

The Sun, magnanimous enough continues to bless and enlighten earth with it’s many hidden powers. All that is needed from humanity is a virtue called “Receptivity”…. a capacity to receive the vibrant and the radiant rays of the Sun…

The benefits of Sun Gazing as elaborated by Sri Hira Ratan Manek are many… Many myths about Sun Light also stand to be dispelled, or to re-frame, the darkness of human ignorance is dispelled by the might and light of the Sun…

For the skeptic mind, all I would want to say, is that one has nothing to lose, (provided the safety precautions are adhered to, as specified in the video).. If at all, one stands to gain in health and wealth.

The video link from Youtube is my humble attempt to spark and spread an interest in the minds of those who are curious, adventurous and seeking….

The video duration is of 1.30hrs(90 mins), it has the potential to be Life Altering for those interested!!

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