via Daily Prompt: Relate

PhilosophyThe art of ruminating how good the tea would taste, if  and when prepared!!

KarmaAn accounting software used by God and Satan to measure the Good deeds and bad of gullible earthlings!!

SocietyA transformation platform to convert Humans into Robots

LawyersThrough their words, lies the truth

BankersFolks who charge a banking fee on Zero as well…

PoliticiansFolks who manage to sell their dreams…

God menSelling Dreams about God, to make the masses feel special…

PublicThe idiots who buy their dreams, thinking it to be real…

PriestsThe ones who don’t have a clue about God… nor relate to HIM, but instill the fear of the Devil in the name of God!!

SpiritualityA desire in the unknown, after the known is screwed up BIG time

The SpecialistsFolks who forget all about the nose, but specialize in the right nostril or left nostril

SexA fail proof mechanism for the future generation to be disappointed with the older generation.

Porn moviesVideo editing Software at it’s very best…

Off beat(Art)CinemaA Real Life presentation on Reel Life

A CasanovaSomeone who makes Celibates Jealous

RespectOften derived from the bank balance in today’s world…

HeroismHollywood saving the World after all other Nations having failed!!







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