In Marriage or Relationships- all that matters is perspective!!

Independence tends to become “In-dependence“…

Where the “ME” accommodates the “WE” “where each leans on the other”…


This leaning can be interpreted as Strength.. Two hands are better than One… or can also be interpreted as a Restriction, an Impairment!! and partners often oscillate between these polarities…between these opposites…

Man after all is a social animal. At times, the animal needs “ME” time, at times the animal needs “WE” time as well. At times, roads that appear to diverge…are only preparing to converge soon…


Understand this… and lawyers will whine about a drop in their business ;-)

Hoping that this perspective brings rings in warmth and cheer into all relationships that encompass humanity… “A happy new year to folks across the Globe”

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