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I have personally been fascinated by the word “Conversation“… Probably as it closely linked to the word “Conservation” as well.. it just needs a shuffle of a few alphabets…2 alphabets to be precise..

Each interaction in life is a flux…

You meet a stranger…

You either converse or conserve your vocal energy…

There are some with whom the right notes are hit instantaneously…


Then, there are some with whom Silence, bordering on discomfort is more meaningful…more prudent…with internal dialogues giving us company!!

What makes us “click” with some-one…while some others cause us allergy!!

Whilst you converse over these ponderings, here is an oddball suggestion to perhaps add into your “New Year Resolutions” on the importance of conserving energy…vocally…

Everyday, for a duration of 15-30 mins,(and not when asleep) conserve your vocal energy…Stop all conversations with the other and with all electronic paraphernalia…(laptops, mobiles, i-pods and pads)

It’s not that the conversations will stop, once you do this!! It still continues… watch the internal dialogues…the internal chatter that rambles on…in your silence…the “noise” within your silence…


This conservation of the “conversation of vocal energy” can be gradually extended in terms of timeframe… to 30 mins to 1 hour gradually… And as one becomes more aware of the internal also becomes more aware of the miniscule gaps between the chatter….and with this increasing awareness one becomes more comfortable with “Silence”…And one becomes more relaxed with oneself…

One has absolutely nothing to lose…for come to think of it… conversations…at times unnecessary or accidentally blurted… tend to be the downfall of many a relations… Some utterances…are irreversible…can permanently damage or severely impair… and we often wish in hindsight “If only had I kept my mouth shut”!!

With best wishes for the New Year conveyed in “Silence”…

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  1. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    Nice analogy of converse and conserve !! A few minutes of conservation of speech everyday can go a long way in achieving a meaningful conversation !!


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