via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Some subjects left me forlorn in school…

Physics was one of them!!



Moore’s law often left me UN-moored…

Boyle’s law kept me on the boil..

I lived with the misguided impression that

the next stage of Infancy was buoyancy :(

I often thought that Ohm’s Law had a spiritual connect with AUM !!

Every time I came across a one Mr. Pascal…

I told myself not to think of a Rascal ;-)

I always doubted the concepts of Speed and Acceleration…

for they cannot be proven or demonstrated in the traffic of most Metros…

I always felt the Apple to be more seductive and inviting in the hands of Eve than one Mr Newton!!


O Physics!!! Am I so glad to have escaped from your thrust :)

May you continue to grow in your field… but please spare me the details









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