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Kerala, a picturesque state in India. The southernmost state, sharing its land borders with the mighty Arabian Sea, and home to the one of the most famous holistic and alternative forms of medicine-Ayurveda
India in the 1970’s was not hit by the specialization Tsunami yet, compared to the cut-throat surgery oriented medical industry of today. Kerala too was no exception…
Dr Namboodri V residing nearby Alappuzha had his own garage, which also doubled up as a clinic in the outyard on his large tract of coconut farm. For all practical purposes, it was probably the earliest known instance of Work From Home, for a spacious yet modest structure where he resided happened to adjoin the neglected garage.
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As a doctor hailing from the land of Ayurveda, his first line of treatment often relied mostly on home remedies… be it leaves, spices, jaggery, Butter, Ghee all mixed into a concoction for most ailments…
However there were times when he had to resort to English medicines(a.k.a Allopathy),in some cases. His line of medication was still simple though… roughly 5-7 bottles of various syrups in different colours adorned a rickety plank.  All that the patient observed at times was the wondrous mix of the various syrups and the alchemical changing of colours, when mixed. The proportion was the key… something which Dr Namboodri had mastered over three decades of practice…
Village folklore had it that he was blessed with a divine healing touch, no matter how sick a man was brought to him… he would walk healthy in just a few days… Rumors had it that many a men over the years whom the city doctors had given up hope on…were cured by his blend of ayurvedic concoctions and English Medicines, which they steadfastly swallowed…Folklore claimed  skin ailments,  rheumatic pains and even cancer to be cured by his healing hands…
Dr. Namboodri would however simply shrug away the praise that was occasionally showered on him… Being a doctor, he somehow seemed allergic to one thing… Praise!!!, simplicity and gratitude to the divine seemed to come more naturally to him…To see the sick recover, walk around healthily and acknowledge him with a heartfelt gratitude was the world to him…
Times were changing… and the winds of modernization had hit India hard… A medical degree no longer ensured the respect it once commanded…Specialization was the new Mantra and Kerala was not spared by the Specialization bug either…
Alappuzha too, now had many specialized doctors in Western medicine and one newly specialized doctor happened to bump into Dr.Namboodri at a function. Age was only a misnomer for the veteran doc, just a few months away from declaring himself an Octogenarian…Slightly slow in his reflexes,nonetheless fit as a fiddle…
The brash little one spoke in a rather condescending tone… about how no one cared for a doc with a single degree any longer… and the manner in which people looked upto him when he walked…for after-all he has specialized in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) or Otolaryngology as is it known he quipped.. barely concealing a smirk looking at the old man!!
Dr. Namboodri tugged the young ones shoulder, moved forward towards him, as if to ask him a question of utmost importance… The young one too felt alert,tingly and awake…ready to answer the query with aplomb…
Which nostril do you specialize in?? The right or the left… quipped the veteran doc, before walking away…
The young one was simply left bewildered!!
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  1. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    Nice post on the traditional indian form of medicine. A man with a sharp brain – Doc Namboodiri 👍

    • Team Wellness
      Team Wellness says:

      Thanks Augustine,glad you liked it 😊. Wishing you all the very best for tremendous progress and success in a holistic health care profession like Ayurveda


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