Be in the Market place, but not of the Market place -Osho

Meditation needs to be something normal… very ordinary. There is nothing special needed for it. No special preparation, no build up needed, no expectation that you would need to experience tranquility when you meditate..

There is a misconception prevalent that Meditation is Concentration… People attach a very serious air to it.Some even expect silence from their immediate environment…Most of the times even the smallest of the noises can disrupt the attention…the noisy neighbors making love or vessels clanking in the kitchen or that stupid dog barking away to glory. All of them seem hell bent in disrupting your pathway to heaven… No wonder the silence of the Himalayas seems very enticing…very seductive…


Meditation is exactly the opposite of concentration. It is a deep laughter, a deep yet alert laughter…It is all that which concentration is not!!It is a deep relaxation, where all sounds heard simply add to the beauty of the moment… Be it the dogs flexing their vocal cords or the neighbors chattering or the vessels clanking.. Let all these bring in a smile to your lips… laugh along..simply watching yourself laugh. Permit all the noises that come your way sharpen your auditory perceptions…make you more aware…more alert!!

Once the external noises become your benefactors & transform themselves into humorous sounds, simply do the same for the internal chatter…internal noises…Welcome them with laughter… The art is the same… be it with external or internal noise…


Similarly…permit all the olfactory smells to percolate and register with you… be it the aroma of a perfume emanating from the lady next door…or the Biryani getting cooked in the kitchen triggering your path to Salivation…or Salvation ;)

Enjoy all these…they are flavors to enrich your journey into laughter…eventually leading into a deeper relaxation… for frankly there is no such thing as meditation… it is only relaxation… you relax so deep that one fine day you can hear the sound of a feather falling or the sound of one hand clapping or something more esoteric as the whispers of the cosmos.

The Expectation that you need to Relax when making an effort to meditate is quite taxing indeed..Simply drop that expectation… screw it!! You have been most likely been misled…your ignorance has been taken advantage of…Continue with this approach…and you are likely to end up carrying the burden of the Himalayas rather than it’s bliss..

Most certainly travel to the Himalayas, but only after finding the silence within you… finding the Himalayan tranquility in you…in the midst of the market place…You are a Buddha in the market place!!


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