via Daily Prompt: Vague

Vague– A style of answering I normally relied upon, when the teacher asked me toughie questions… My self image had an allergy to hearing me utter the words “I don’t know the answer”, and so I would embark on a journey of beating around the bush!!

At times, the teacher simply admonished me… but it was always better to put in the effort…at-least that’s what was taught to us by some other folks..that effort is important!!


At times, my vague style of answering the doomed question would cause my classmates to go boom with laughter…again well intentioned effort stemming from me to to lighten the suffocating atmosphere otherwise

At times, the teacher would admonish themselves for even having bothered to ask me a question…For again, I would put in all the effort of hiding my face in the book, not making eye contact with my fellow neighboring student even…at times even desperately praying… “God, please don’t desert me… I don’t like being the center of attraction…It’s OK…Let other students bask in their moment of glory..But Alas!!”

Still the teacher would go ahead and pick me…and then realize the folly of his blunder of having wasted his most precious resource…”time”…

Perhaps they believed the line from the movie Shaw-shank Redemption – Hope is a good thing… How mistaken were they ;-)



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