Yes, that’s right. You read it right. Know thy Devil instead!!
Ain’t it easier? The Devil seems to reside in us, within us,up close and strongly associated. Have we not experienced  or experiencing feelings of anger, jealousy, envy, desire, lust,greed,comparison in us??
The immediate human tendency is to shut these feelings, is to brush them aside and focus on things more lofty like God and Angels,orthodoxy and rituals etc. I am reminded of a story, I had read as a kid…
One day emperor Akbar asked his minister Birbal to find Ten fools in his kingdom. Birbal set out and encountered a chap who was searching for his ring under a street lamp. On further enquiry, the man revealed that the ring was misplaced in an area further down the road…As it was really dark there, he was instead searching for his ring under the bright light of the lamp here!! Birbal simply couldn’t control his laughter and picked him as the first fool of the ten!!

Something similar is the case with the human ilk as well… With feelings which arise naturally in us, but not acceptable to society…be it parents, teachers, preachers, politicians etc, these tend to get buried in the deeper recesses of the mind… With these buried deep within, we focus on those feelings which are more acceptable, more respected… We start throwing the light elsewhere and are apprehensive of throwing light on certain other areas…We prefer to keep them in the dark!!
We are comfortable in the day, but somehow want to avoid the darkness of the night!! The darkness makes us shudder, but the darkness is also as real as the day!!
This is exactly a split personality, a whole which has been dissected into parts. And a peculiar aspect is, these parts have voices and tonal qualities associated with them too,which are audible internally to the individual only… Some voices have a condemnatory tone, whilst others may have a tone of dejection, while some have a strong holier than thou judgmental tone associated with it!!
However remember well, that growth happens through authenticity..the feelings which we associate with the devil are to be acknowledged,understood…and “accepted” and transformation into something higher (call it Godliness or whatever!!!)happens of its own accord.
Don’t shun the Devil…Rather understand the Devil and God becomes available of its own accord!!The higher can be achieved only by understanding the lower!! The higher rungs of the ladder can be reached only by using the lower…

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  1. DeepikasRamblings
    DeepikasRamblings says:

    Nicely put across karthik. We often feed the devil and carry him within , but put on a mask of an angel outwardly.


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