What qualities would you opt for, if you immediately had a chance of rewiring your brain”?

MoM – Marvel of the Mind

Given a chance to rewire my brain, I would simply let it pass…The query itself points to a quick fix surgical solution and also reflects undercurrents of resistance and resignation to one’s present state of affairs… Delving further…

Man is intrinsically a mixture of Black & White… However he has been given ideas that only white is good, only white is acceptable, only white is recognized… For example, someone feels jealous…and is reprimanded if he expresses his jealousy!! Ironically, there is no place for Jealousy!!

With this idea, he begins to repress the black which is a part of him…and attempts to cover it up. The black ends up becoming a block and things appear bleak within…

Further man is attuned to look outward for change. The underlying assumption is that “change begins with the other”. The other unfortunately is also hoping for the other to change and this loop continues. This more often than not, becomes the path of disillusionment.

Rather it would be worthwhile to spend time and channelize effort to understand the mind… If need be it would be absolutely worthwhile to introspect the basic parameters that may have been unconsciously set in us…

For example, Imagine a nice day…it’s your day off…you are fully relaxed lying on the grass and gazing into a sky… with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. You are feeling so deeply relaxed listening to the birds chirping, the soft breeze brushing against you…And then pure magic happens…You see a beautiful, absolutely amazing cloud in the sky…It’s simply magical…the suns rays falling on it give it a mystic hue and you are completely mesmerized by it and in total awe…

You feel a very positive vibe and pluck that cloud out from the sky, so completely taken in by its positive demeanor …And suddenly from nowhere, the cloud explodes releasing all the lightning and thunder stored in it, leaving you completely shocked and you wake up with a jolt…

Existentially, the positive is contained in the negative and vice versa…They aren’t separate, as evident from the above example. What appears as two may be intrinsically one!!
Man too in his current form of consciousness is Grey, neither black nor white…He is the positive, in which is contained in the negative and also the negative which contains the positive as well. A bit of this & a bit of that

With this understanding comes an acceptance of “you are who you are”. Absolutely imperfect, yet perfect and unique

Personally, I would always suggest working towards understanding the mind. For once looked at through the prism of understanding, the very energy that appeared black or lower, would release itself to transform towards the higher…

Yes, it takes a conscious effort and time, but then what’s a lifetime for??

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