Many a time we experience a problem, or perhaps an undercurrent of a problem within us and yet we can’t exactly pinpoint the problem nor can we explain it!!

What this also implies is that perhaps we can explain the problem vaguely, imperfectly, in bits and pieces perhaps?? We can sense it, but can’t latch onto it!!

Not all problems are clear on day-1. Even problems take time to mature themselves and to permit themselves to be expressed. Much like Wine

Wine Tank Room

Till such time, you can capture them in bits and pieces, much like a jig saw puzzle… Soon you will have a shape to your problem and the overall contours will be visible.

Jigsaw Puzzle

To give you a technical example, there is a bug in a piece of software. That much is known. Till it is identified, till it is located, one has to keep at it, identifying possible areas which may be causing the issues. It may be a problem in one area or in interlinked areas.

Turned-on Computer Monitor Displaying Text

Till your analysis is complete, it is simply work in progress and its absolutely fine…Till Such time converse with it, sleep with it and enjoy it.

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