When will you consider yourself happy?

Replies can be many, Replies are mainly pointing towards ownership of objects, Replies are mainly conditional

If I have “A”, then I will be happy
If I have “A” and not “B”, and with some portion of “C” , then I will be happy

The modern day miracle is that the intellect has managed to market Happiness into a directly proportional variable of Success.

Success = Happiness

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Surprisingly, the above “belief” or the induced conditioning is quite dominant in the mind-sets of many individuals.

So, what does “Success” mean to you?

If it is an impending event in the future, then be rest assured that this is certainly a recipe for UN-happiness. For with every event, there are terms and conditions apply. The outcome is not in your hands, there are many other dependencies and people involved.

What if somebody falters?
What if another virus or missile escapes from the vaults of China or Amorica or Russia?

A common misconception is

Being Rich = Being Happy

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If “Success” means being rich, having a fat bank balance, then you are financially stable, then you are wealthy!!It does not necessarily mean that you will be happy
A pauper on the street may be financially unstable, yet may be happy
The Industrialist may be stinking rich, and yet ironically may be very tense and anxious safe guarding his business empire from the competition and the government?

So what makes you happy?

Frankly, this is where the certified spiritual preachers and teachers add to the already confused conditioned mind. ” Happiness” is here now, it is within you, if you can’t be happy this moment, then you are missing it always. So close your eyes and meditate and you will find happiness.

And as you close your eyes and try to meditate and end up falling asleep instead or get bombed by a thousand and one thoughts and become more unhappy and totally frustrated and keep trying a 101 different techniques that guarantee “Happiness” one fine day you realize that your Life is more screwed up than before you started on this great spiritual happiness quest.

So again ask yourself, “What makes you Happy”? or more precisely,”What activity” makes you more happy?

Simply start with the immediate for that is the simplest. Start with the ordinary, for Life is Ordinary, there is nothing extra-ordinary in Life and in that ordinariness is the key!! Happiness is no rocket science

Does feeding a hungry dog makes you feel contended?
Does gardening make you feel contended?
Does singing make you feel contended?
Does dancing make you feel contended?
Does writing poetry make you feel contended?
Does Nature make you feel contended?
Does hugging a tree make you feel contended?
Does cuddling your pet make you feel contended?
Does jogging make you feel contended ?

What is that one activity that you loved doing as a child perhaps, but now as an adult have no time for it?

Identify that activity and start doing it more often and you’d be surprised that “Happiness” flows of its own accord.
Nothing ritual, Nothing Spiritual, Nothing Meditational, just simple common sense will suffice to fall into “Happiness”

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