There are many books and articles in the market place that speak on Awareness…
Awareness is the key, a quality that needs to be developed… or rephrasing it, one needs to be more “Aware” of, in the journey of an individuals Subjective World.. The World of Inner Exploration…
What follows are a few simple experiments, that you can experiment with… on a standalone basis, without any dependency on the other. These are absolutely Non Intrusive and absolutely silent  in Nature.. Can be done whenever you remember to do so…
Some Simple Tips to help in this regard of being more aware are

#1-Catch your thoughts….

Catch your thoughts, whenever and wherever possible. For example, one may be all alone,yet there may be the chaos of the Market in his Mind… Or one may be in the midst of noisy children, yet calm…
Whatever be the environs one is in, He or She can always catch their thoughts. If you are able to catch your thoughts, this much is clear… that you are not your thoughts…Then Who is the one catching thoughts??

#-2Watch your thoughts….

Imagine that You are in a theater, seated comfortably…watching a movie on the screen… The only difference being that the movie being projected on the screen are the characters of your mind… your thoughts and it’s visualization..
Whatever be the content… of an office meeting, or dreaming of an upcoming vacation…of seeing your boss trip and fall…or simply gardening…or recalling your first crush…or fantasizing about flying in the “Euro fighter Typhoon” just enjoy watching the movie..
After all we are our own creative director…often we ourselves wouldn’t be aware of the next scene….the disconnect between 2  between scenes is often sans logic… may be in different geographies… One moment on Sea, the next in Land…But None-the-less, enjoy the show!! You are the Director,aren’t you!!

#3-Sense Your Emotions…

Whatever you are doing right now…. just Pause it… And ask yourself this question
“What am I feeling right now?
Are you experiencing love, lust, anger, hurt, joy, irritation, jealousy, insecurity??
Whatever be the feeling, whatever be the emotion… just label it… define it…and become aware of it!!
Through this simple exercise, you would be moving your awareness from the World of Thoughts to the World of Emotions and feelings…
Thoughts are Vast, Emotions are not many…it is good to sensitize oneself to his or her emotions as well..
A Disclaimer : –
This does not require you to be serious  or glum or change into saffron/white attire or retire into the Himalayas… As a matter of fact,the more relaxed the attitude, the more laughter filled you are, the better… You can be alert anywhere… the kitchen, the loo, the market place or at office…
Another trap dished out by the mind is… When i go on a vacation or when I go to the monastery, then I will practice this technique… This is sophisticated procrastination…If you can’t do it now… then chances are you might never!!bulb-2029707__340.png
For those interested, I would suggest adding the book “Awareness” by Osho to your “Reading List”. Amazon link below, for your reference

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