Laugh out Loud… or Laugh Out Little… The Underlying point is LAUGH!! Isn’t it becoming more and more of a lost art?
Bring in a dash of illogicality in our extremely logical lives.. JOKE around.. POKE around and Laugh…
Just as all marketing campaigns dish out “MORE”, for less… Similar should be the case with laughter.. Laugh out “MORE”…no Strings Attached…
Leave all the worrying to the politicians, their coterie, and their ilk across the globe. Let them settle all the serious stuff….and go about stamping their territories …

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Any resemblance to any character you visualize is purely intentional!!

So here are 5 good triggers for you to step on the Gas and letting laughter take over you!! It’s free :)

  • Become a Kid Again…

Deep down… there is a Kid in each one of us… who still loves to do such activities, which the world perhaps finds illogical…not befitting our age or image!!

  • Alternatively,  Consider Spending more time with pets

They have their own styles and a subtle Sense of Humor…They are absolutely non judgemental, humorous and wise!!

Or a Foe

  • Rewind to some of the Vintage Comedy shows…

Perhaps some characters from the show can give you the laughs.. A few of my personal favorites are

  • Three’s company
  • Seinfeld
  • Full House
  • Join a Laughter Club…Laughing with other laughter filled individuals can be contagious… Suddenly all problems we experience don’t seem that serious…
  • Find a loony politician…

For laughs, I am certain there are many “global” loony politicians with “local” outreach…
I am refraining from posting any leader here… lest I offend the political sensibilities of some…However please feel free to visualize any such image here..

For those who are still trying to figure out a reason to laugh…remember there are none.. Yet the benefits are many.
It may seem a stretch to even mention -“Laugh for Laughter’s sake”. It still indicates a need….a reason for one to  laugh…
Perhaps it may be a good idea to celebrate “World Laughter Day”…which happens to be on May 7th 2017 in our own small ways!!
Where by all the likeable fools across the globe gather and in person… laugh their guts out…the worries disappear of their own accord…Not merely restricted to a LoL or ROTFL ;)
Any other Laughter trigger that you want to share, please feel free to add more onto the list :)
Let the world be filled Laughter... Welcome to Wellness
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  1. Subrata Mukherjee
    Subrata Mukherjee says:

    Hey Karthik
    Your old mate Subrata here.
    Was reading this blog , great initiative , great going ?
    Keep up the good work …


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