Can you spot the difference in the following two statements
Body-Mind in-balance..
Body-Mind im-balance..
One Alphabet is powerful enough to cause the difference… And a very profound difference or imbalance that is…
Too much of pressure on the mind can cause ailments on the body…. and too much of stress on the body can weaken or dull the mind…A Continuous Loop…
Once aware of this pattern… all that is required is a Rebalance…
Welcome to the World of Balancing… Balancing is an Art… And as it is an Art, it is unique to each individual…And isn’t the quest of Life…to find a balance that optimizes and enhances one’s life in different aspects….

You would agree that each individual has his/her own pattern.. their own rhythm…their very own energy they bring to life.
Yet somehow…at times in the melee of life.. the balance tends to get a bit imbalanced, which is natural…be it in relationships, work or our state of mind or health!!

And in the subsequent posts, perhaps we can explore ways and means to find the optimal balance…which can be common yet intrinsically unique to each individual…
Till then ponder, read and  happy balancing :)
IC – and Pixabay.

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