Once upon a time in a distant land, lived 2 droplets of water…leading a contended life on a leaf…
But little did they realize of the impending danger that awaited them… One fine day…. a voice from the sky spoke up to the droplets….that they had exceeded their time on the leaf…
Listening to this voice…the water droplets shuddered…they had as a matter of fact developed an attachment to the leaf…the leaf provided all semblances of comfort to the water droplets
One water droplet immediately protested and decided to stay put. Nothing doing it muttered… The leaf is all I have… Attempts to convince this droplet to move on, simply proved futile.
Giving up finally on his colleague…The other droplet with a heavy and apprehensive heart….. decided to move on, not knowing what lay in store for it…
It meandered its way through the dense foliage… only to be picked up by a gentle stream.The stream danced its way along with gay abandon through various slopes, and merged into the OCEAN!!
It was a homecoming for the water droplet, who decided to forego the comfort of the leaf…
The water droplet which decided to cling onto the leaf….met it’s fate in a forest fire!!
Do the readers find any co relation of these water droplets to human life interactions/instances??
Views/observations invited….

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  1. radhikasreflection
    radhikasreflection says:

    Can very well relate this to man too. He is always hesitant to venture out of his comfort zone, for the fear of the unknown. Isn’t it,? The one who is courageous can get more than he desired for!


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