There was once a saint who was liked by all. He had a smile on his lips for anyone who came his way, be it a human or an animal. He had become known as a Smiling Saint in and around villages. No one even thought it possible there was something concealed beneath the smile.

A Smile to Hide ?

However, things were not looking that great for the saint within. It was as if he was carrying a huge burden on his shoulders, the weight of which was pulling him down. His shoulder muscles ached and had become stiff as well.

He found himself in a predicament!! People would confide in him… and he too needed a shoulder on whom he could rest and confide. The burden was pulling him down!! He found himself slipping deeper and deeper…

And then one night it happened. He had a dream, in which a voice enquired “ Of what use is it to replace a frown with a smile”?

The saint woke up startled, pondering at the statement he heard… and started meditating on it… Uncovering this seemingly cryptic query was now his immediate focus. In this process, it dawned on him that as a child he had conditioned himself to smile every time he was angry…

News spread like wildfire in the hamlets and villages that the devil had cast a glance on the Smiling Saint… Soon some people also came to know him as the Angry Saint…

Surprisingly for the saint, he was happy within… the burden on his shoulders had disappeared and he found himself floating…

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