Astronauts Self-Quarantine themselves, by quite literally, hanging out in space :)

Galaxy Illustration

Floating in space, staring at the miles and miles of quietude,perhaps pondering where does space ever end or wondering where does it ever start, by looking at earth as one “whole” entity with dissolved boundaries, in its absolute and complete oneness!!

Perhaps debating on the intelligence levels of politicians and global leaders fighting over boundaries and islands, much like dogs urinating to mark their territories.

Planet Earth

Perhaps debating on the catastrophic earth shattering misunderstandings between a couple and seeing the microscopic minusculity and irrelevance of it all, far far far away in space

Perhaps experiencing a heavenly feeling of peace and solitude of infinite space, of a deep nothingness, of a blissful emptiness and thanking the gods for having pulled him away from the earthly hell

Perhaps sensing that self isolation can also be a liberating meditation

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