Mankind today and since ages have been trying to show/reflect their Strength of Mind and subsequently their character or perhaps valor.


For a bodybuilder who has hit the gym every single day for ages, such a person may quantify the Common Man as weak minded, for they do not have to possess the strength of mind or body to achieve what the bodybuilder has!!


For a Yogi who has overcome or suppressed the biological cravings for intercourse, he or she may find the vast majority of human beings weak minded, for they simply indulge in intercourse on a regular basis and do not possess any strength of the mind to overcome their sexual urges!!

For a political leader who has risen to national prominence, he or she may find the vast majority of the public gullible or weak minded, as exploiting their gullibility… he or she have risen to the top!!

With these examples, the point is no matter where an individual stands, there are always “others” who can still find you weak minded. So as long as one derives his sense of identity, from the outer, from the other, he is always weak minded. Looked at, from one perspective, only the weak will run after citations to declare him brave!!

What finally matters is whether one considers himself/herself as centered in them-self…Is one aware of their values, Is one aware of strengths and work towards manifesting it? If yes, being strong-minded or with clear perception comes of its own accord. Centered in yourself, the outer labels assigned of being strong or weak-minded simply do not matter!!

Beware and Be-Aware of chasing shadows… They are on the Outer!! The Inner is Real…

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