Say you have banned everything that distracts you… and yet you are distracted.

It also implies that the distraction is in your mind. Where else can it be?

After having set aside everything that distracts you, if you are still distracted, then perhaps you enjoy those objects or people whom you consider a distraction. You may brush them under the carpet, but then your energy is still focused on the carpet itself… just to check if they are still there or have escaped.

If you deny yourself what you enjoy, be rest assured those forces will make a backdoor entry.( Trojan Horse anyone?)

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Many folks through time immemorial have tried this all or nothing approach. Starting from monasteries, where all of the monks pledged and resolved not to think of Sex and yet “it” was the most thought about!! In the very act to forget, the more they remembered…It was an undercurrent that accompanied them through out.

So do try and adopt a more balanced approach. Permit yourself those distractions. After all you aren’t a Robot, not to be distracted at all. You are human and its fine for humans to get swayed by emotions and love and attractions and distractions.

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Think of distractions as a break state activity, as a lunch break. If you have a proper lunch, you wouldn’t be bothered by hunger for the next few hours, would you? You would eat only at dinner time again.

Something similar is to be your schedule. Mark your time for the distractions, enjoy yourself in this distraction break and be back to your regular schedule. Once you have done this, again take a distraction break and be back to your schedule.

Just ensure that you don’t drag the timelines beyond your break period and soon you will find yourself in a nice balanced routine and your energies are better channelized.

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If however you drag the timelines beyond the break period, you soon slip into a vicious loop of guilt and demotivating, perhaps derogatory internal chatter and the need for a blanket ban arises.

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