In the Digital Age, solutions for happiness hit us from every possible medium, be it Facebook, WA or any other medium.”Happiness is the Goal”. Nothing can be farther than the truth, but it does serve as a start point from a societal perspective…

These promotional solutions are highly generalized one size fits all solutions, perhaps created with good intent, by many specialized happiness solution providers, all for a better world!!!

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Impressed,Influenced and Motivated, You try to be happy 24/7/*365. You decide to shun all negativity to remain positive. From a logical perspective, it appears very positive and very logical too. It is binary, a 1 or 0 and the mind decides I will choose 1, for that, is acceptable and expected by others

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Now, Let’s say someone hurts you emotionally or is very rude to you…You feel sad or anger perhaps… One part in you wants to retaliate, and another part in you continuously reminds you “be happy”… You may end up swallowing the hurt or worse still, repressing the hurt.

But from an emotional perspective, the disconnect has already happened. Emotions are anything but logical, they are scattered and unpredictable…The more you try and define them logically, the more illogical it tends to become…The more you try to avoid them, the more they present themselves to you…

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Further, the positive has relevance only wrt the negative. Only if one has experienced sadness, can he realize the value of happiness… So it is essential that both ends of the spectrum be experienced… that is how it works…

Emotions – The very word “motion” indicates a flux, a movement… Something akin to a river, joyous and bubbly today, sedate tomorrow, flooded today, drying up tomorrow.

River, Rapids, Gulch, Water, Stream

If you feel negativity or sadness within you, that’s good. Welcome it, let it float and let it surface, express it. It may simply be trying to help you experience happiness in greater depth… Thank it, be with it, stay with it, nothing wrong in it… and you may suddenly find happiness simply flowing through you…You are happy… You really don’t have to try to be happy.

Life’s experiences are often taught through polarities, the positive and the negative work together as a team, in tandem… Enjoy their teachings. It is beyond the clutches and grasp of logic. So be it. Simply accept it and understand this…

Polarization, Opposition, Conflict

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