All of us have a world within our brain…There are as many worlds as there are individuals.
All of us, I am certain would like to enrich the world within… And surprisingly it’s not money that can enrich the world within…


Finding the elusive

Finances are needed on a Societal plane…Enriching the World of Wellness “Within” is a higher plane of Humanity…
For if each individual has an enriched experience of his world within himself…Would not the Societal World be transformed of its own accord?? Would not the qualities of the higher flow onto the lower??
Man is born Multi-Dimensional… of many talents… it is a different matter that society recognises only the Balance sheet as a talent.. but the talents that are latent or put aside or perhaps sacrificed can help enrich us many times more….
Would it not be worthwhile to rediscover these latent or dormant talents for an Enriched World of Wellness….that each one of us carry within us…the spark of which still burns bright…in some remote corner within us….


A spark is all it takes

There are some things which Money cant buy… Rather it’s “Time” which can Gift us that, which money can’t buy…the time we find…the time we devote…to rekindle… to discover those energy pools that lay dormant or neglected in us….and once discovered….engulf us in oceanic waves of relaxation…that which can make us feel alive in a totally different dimension…

Gently…Very Gently….Let’s start the journey of exploration of our many talents within, finding time…honing it…and permit the energy released to lift each one to higher planes of humanity…of consciousness…The World of Wellness spreads of its own accord….

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