There was once a Dove

Peaceful and Calm it appeared

Its feathers made of silk

and with a colour like milk

Anyone who saw it

Simply fell in Love with it…

This Dove, though had dreams

It carried in its eyes a gleam…

and a dream of piercing the skies

just like the majestic Eagle

Eagle, Bird, Bird Of Prey, Natural

It tried and tried

with its structure so frugal

came nowhere close

to the Majestic bird so Regal…

Sad and dejected it felt

with a heavy heart

that was ready to melt

Sad and depressed it remained

even when flying with its members

No appreciation it received

was worth a remember

It only carried within

its failure as a raging amber

All alone in a flight

managing within, many a fight

it was indeed a sorry plight

of the milky white dove

that simply perished one night

Peace Dove, White Dove, Cemetery

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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    A gentle, graceful dove, struggling to be a powerful hawk, loses itself and perishes.
    Likewise, with his keen awareness of the human mindset of the youth today, one tends to over reach and take a fall.
    The message is conveyed poetically, with empathy for the dove, struggling to transform itself into a fierce vulture and sadly perish.
    As a mentor, who understands human nature in all its shades,Karthik has gently,and poetically conveyed the message for the dove to be a dove with all its grace
    An outstanding poem, with a deep message, conveyed as gently as a white dove soaring in flight.


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