Why am I born?
Why am I born to a particular set of parents?
Why am I born in a particular country?
Why am I labeled into a particular religion?
Why am I like this and not like that?
Why are others like that and not like this?
Why are there so many questions?
It’s a good thing this “why“… it helps us think.. it sets us thinking… It helps us see a larger picture…It is absolutely required… A mature outlook cannot be developed without it…Anybody talking against the use of why should be viewed with skepticism.
But then…
The Why can never be answered. Why is the way of specialization… Each answer to a why simply throws up another why? It’s something akin to the human pyramid chain structure.. starting from the top… It can take you deep into the micro and nano subatomic nature of elements, but it still persists…
It happens at times… especially with children… they simply keep asking why?
Why is the earth round?
Why isn’t the earth flat?
Why does the Sun rise in the east?
Why can’t it rise in the west?
Why is the sky not green?
Well… simply there are no answers…
Science and Religion simply buckle under its weight. It also happens to be the most potent weapon of children… Adults normally have to take refuge behind higher philosophy or diversionary tactics to escape this “Why” onslaught from kids… for it can simply render them impotent…all the degrees accumulated…the self-image projected simply comes to naught!!
From a psychological perspective
Why is of the mind…and the nature of the mind is to throw up more “Why’s”…It listens to the whole story…one thinks that one has got the answer… but suddenly the little devil ends up asking “why”
From childhood to adults, we are not rid of the “Why”. The object of our query changes… nothing else happens… from the outer to the inner…or from the inner to the outer…from the objective to the subjective and vice versa…it brings you to the point where the “Why” no longer matters… Things simply are, they way they are !!!
Realizing the futility of Why….the Why drops… One just moves on “accepting” the way things are… The energy that was getting utilized in “Why” now gets released… now becomes available for channelization…for the movement forward…upward perhaps!!
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  1. radhikasreflection
    radhikasreflection says:

    So well analysed Karthik. Like you said beyond a point the why drops and you kind of accept the things as they are. Maybe at this point in time I am on the threshold of learning to accept rather than question ??


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