If you love a flower, don’t pick it up – An Osho quote

Flowers I feel, are best left on trees and plants.

They look their most joyful and radiant there, on their branch, swaying in the wind, sharing their fragrance and effortlessly falling back into mother nature…

To leave it untouched and un-plucked requires a tremendous respect… of respecting its frailty, of respecting its tenderness, of respecting its vulnerability… After all its so delicate and gentle. Letting it remain connected to its roots also speaks of a non possessive mind!! A mind that is willing to accept the beauty of the flower as it is, where it is!!

Psychologically, The nature of the mind is to possess, to own, to hold onto. In the name of its beauty, a flower is simply cut from its roots… to adorn My God or to adorn My Lady!!

In India especially, its almost an unconscious habit with people.. “If you see flower, pluck flower“… If you can pluck thy neighbors flowers, even better :)

Pause and check… assess whether this unconscious habit has found its way into other areas of life as well?

Do we own people? Do we take the other for granted?

Do we take children for granted? Children like flowers are tender beings…Do we expect them to follow our diktats…

Creating a space for the other, not infringing into that space, respecting that space, be it for a flower or another individual requires a heightened sense of awareness… operating from a mind that has let go the desire to possess, to own, to stamp its tag “its mine”

What practices have helped develop in you, the art of letting go? Please share?

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  1. radhikasreflection
    radhikasreflection says:

    Liked how you summarised this thought Karthik. Man by nature wants to exert control on things and people around him. All things and relationships need space to grow. Once we understand this, life will blossom like that lovely flower.


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