“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” – Albert Schweitzer

This is a powerful and apt quote I came across. The relevance of this quote impacted me to blog it out. Learning happens by contrast, so I had like to illustrate this with an example.

Adults chase happiness. Chasing implies that it something that has eluded you, its not available with you in the present.Only once you grasp or grab it at some point of time in the future, will you be happy. Only then will you consider yourself successful. Its a conditional approach. More often than not, Happiness appears like a Mirage on the horizon, real and yet unreal. Seemingly within grasp, yet always out of arm’s reach!!

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Now fall back into time. Recall the time as a child. Children are happy. They have no qualms about achieving success, nor are they even bothered of their social standing.They are simply full of themselves. They simply learn to enjoy themselves where ever they are. Chasing butterflies, making boats, jumping around for no rhyme or reason. They are Happy and truly successful at being happy!!

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This child is still dormant in each adult… Can it be made active? How exactly can it be made active? That is something which each adult has to re-discover himself… Can each adult tunnel his way through to reach that bubbling pool of happiness embedded within him?

(: And Anything that you do from a state of happiness is successful :)



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