One of the most famous quotes I have heard from the Indian mystic Adi Shankaracharya is that the “World is illusory”…This has been a bone of contention between many great scholars owing allegiance to a particular school of thought…So please permit me to introduce my 2 pennies worth and further add to the chaos ;-)
It is well known the human senses are limited or vary between individuals. For ex, it is well known that dogs listen better than their human bretherns.No human being hopefully in his senses will debate this :)

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Did someone mention me?

To understand this further, let’s consider the example, reference the below pic.
Each individual is right when he claims that the object he is exploring is a slide, a dagger, a rope, a pillar and what not…
Each individual within the boundary of his senses is right, absolutely right… yet he is also simultaneously wrong, totally wrong!! For all the sum parts(slide, dagger and all) put together will not constitute the elephant…
The part(individual) cannot comprehend the whole…Looked at it from this perspective, the world indeed seems illusory… (as long as one is in the realm of senses)… to be interpreted as Terms & Conditions apply in today’s world…

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