You do not know Yourself, How can you know Others? -Osho

Man is more often than not, wired to look on the outside. When one is expected to assess and absorb things on the outside, when one is focused on the external world to validate their internally created world of beliefs, perceptions and ideas, looking outward seems the only way forward, the natural thing to do!!

Binocular, Spying, Looking Forward, Male

The eyes are trained to look outward. The other is of importance. Observing the other seems natural and logical. As the focus is on the other, even more natural is the expectation from the other.

You are “Angry”, the “Other” is responsible

You are “Sad”, the “Other” is responsible

You are Jealous, the “Other” is responsible

You are Hurt, the “Other” is responsible

You are in Love, then too the Other is responsible.

Our existence is dependent on the Other and quite obviously our Expectations too are dependent and derived from the Other. The Self is nowhere in the picture, it is only from the Other-Self that we have an idea of our-self.

Self-Knowledge, Mask, Anonymous

The “Other” is also as clue-less and derives his identity from Some-other and the loop of chaotic inter-dependency is complete. It is for this reason, it is often said that the other is a dependency, a crutch, a misery, for he remote controls us. His responses determine our behavior. Welcome to the world of human-relations!!

Face, Empty, Woman, Wait, Waiting Time

This very dependency creates the misery. Once miserable,dejected and lost, it is again some other who appears more appealing and this cycle of despondency continues. For again we are depending on the other, where as it is the very nature of each man to be independent of even One-Self.

Only after being so thoroughly dis-illusioned by the Outer, by the Other… does one become even aware to look elsewhere, to look within…For there is nowhere else to go. And thereby another journey begins, the journey inward, to know one-self independent of the “Other” and not In-dependence of the Other and perhaps one day, to be free from one’s own-self.

Inward Arrows, Direction, Navigation

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