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There happens to be a critic within us.. A critic, who is ready to criticize, doubt and condemn all our actions… Should I or Should I not?? Damned if I do…Damned if I don’t…


Does the above ring a bell of familiarity?? Does it strike a chord??


Many…Many others too… live with this Internal Critic who happens to possess the highest level of standards and principles and morals and all holier than thou shit….
One cannot grapple with this “Internal Critic” and his Holier than Thou shit with logic.. He is simply too adept at it…
Is there any way to tackle this Internal Critic??
Try this out… Next time you hear the voice of this “Internal Critic”… bring in some creativity…
Ramp up his volume if needed, Give HIM a Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck garbled voice and tone… and let him rant away all that he wants to…. in the newly assigned voice and tone to him.. Make it as comical as you can…Tinker around with your creation to what suits you best..

Soon you will find that the intensity of HIS criticism just fades…disappears.. All that criticism suddenly loses weight… You end up simply laughing… at HIM… and smilingly acknowledge yourself…feeling relaxed, refreshed, at peace… floating…
Every time HE pops up to pass a judgement…Assign HIM the attributes of your creation..
Welcome to Wellness… It’s your birthright…
Give it a try… let me know your feedback..

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