Monkey Business, Crows to observe

Monkey Business and Crows to watch..

Some monkeys decide to visit their human manifestation. Me ;-)… I decided to capture this visit of theirs onto a snap.. a natural snap unlike a posed selfie…Scratching each others back’s without bothering to smile…
Some random thoughts from their rather unexpected visit…
I would guess that Monkey A and Monkey B would scratch each others backs without any contractual obligation…But translate this very act into the complicated world of human affairs and expectations and apprehensions onto a human mind.. and it would roughly read like this..
If I scratch his back and he simply walks away, making a MONKEY of me…
So on 2nd thoughts, let him scratch my back first and only then will I volunteer.. This way I shall avoid being a DONKEY…
3rdly, lets sign out a contract mutually obligating both of us to scratch each others backs, legally tenable in the court of law and in societal eyes..
4thly, he scratches me back and both parties are mutually satisfied.
I guess human society has taken head over heels the 3rd possibility way too seriously.. One which always casts aspersions on the intent of the other… visible in the world of relationships as well!!
Isn’t it time that we also allow Options 1,2 and 4 some operating space…?
A child walks only after taking a fact many tumbles. But he/she does not give up trying and finally walks..child-345523__340.jpg
Similar with the quality of human trust and consciousness. Do we give up that quality of trust and unconditionality which are existentially divine,& which makes us human??…
Its OK for humans to Monkey around ;-) :-)

Image Courtesy – Yours Truly and Pixabay

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