The Coaching Business Industry today is a free for all market.  In today’s  Social Media age, a savvy marketing blitz is all that it takes to percolate through and impress an eager impressionable mind


Through this blog, I share my experiential observations of  this “Image Projection” Coaching Industry in an endeavor to help aspirants make the right choice before signing up with a Coach


An impressive Speaker/Public Speaker does not automatically make a Good Coach


Parrots too can talk and they imitate quite well. With time, they get even better!!

Any opportunity, they simply turn on the “PLAY” button  and rattle off a script/topic, they would have memorized so thoroughly. In all probability, they are likely candidates to remember the scripts in their next lives as well


Most importantly, you unconsciously mimic to become a Public Speaker just like the Speaker. Unfortunately, nothing can be a bigger misfortune than this!!


Always aim to be a Public Speaker based on your strengths and not like somebody else!! Develop your own style for that is what makes a difference.


Remember, content is King!! If you deliver value, the audience will come in of their own accord and they will be more than willing to overlook your grammatical/dressing shortcomings !!


Is your Coach, a Coach by Profession or Passion?


Priests need not necessarily be religious. One may have opted for the profession of priesthood due to financial constraints or lack of other career options. Something similar can be the case with your Coach


Preferably,look out for Passion Driven Coaches as your Coach. The passion they share is contagious!!


This is one of the exact reasons why tennis legends like Federer and Djokovic prefer teaming up with earlier legends like Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker and Goran Ivanisevic.


Don’t get tricked by Social Media Blitzkriegs


It is known that Video marketing influences the highest.Nearly 80+ % of advertisers get a positive ROI for their SM bombardment. It is for this very reason, that you find a lot of paid publicity videos on SM


A better and more reliable metric is to also evaluate the blogs and queries the coach has responded to on multiple SM platforms (like Quora for ex). The Emotional Intelligence of a Coach is often reflected in the manner he responds to these queries.


Even in queries answered, you know its time to stay away when responses/suggestions point towards religious indoctrinations or asking you to owe allegiance to particular school of thought. Believe it or not, All this tends to get passed on under the garb of Coaching Advice


However in reality, What has worked for me is unlikely to work for you.


Also please bear in mind that you cannot learn swimming over WA or Telegram or Signal or any other App. Similar to swimming, Coaching is also an experiential exercise for self development.


So use these metrics well and you can invest your hard earned money elsewhere and to better use.



One Size does not fit all . Does your Coach offer Coaching Modules individualized to your needs?


Be wary of joining any session that is similar or akin to an overcrowded classroom. A lot of coaches prefer this as it becomes a Photo Op session to enhance their Social Media Standing

They are more than comfortable to skim the surface and avoid going beneath the waves.

Such a model offers a Good ROI for the Coach. Unfortunately,  the learning  for the participants often lasts till one walks out of the classroom

2 individuals may be wary of public speaking or stepping onto the stage for completely different reasons. Unless these are individualized and the root of the problem identified, the session is going to a be a wasted effort for both the individuals.


Does your Coach give you solutions for your problems



If yes, be-aware. He is NOT a Coach, rather he is a solution provider. Many a folks consider themselves as great solution providers and mistakenly label and self proclaim themselves as Coaches.


Such solutions may work, may not work. As a matter of fact, if it doesn’t work out its better.

Assuming the solution works, you are more likely inclined in  expecting the Coach to solve your problems. It may work out well multiple times for you, but at the end of it you as an individual are left debilitated and crippled in taking your own decisions!!


If your coach is no longer available, what will you do then? You had outsourced your decision making to him and now he’s gone!!


Can your coach, coach experientially and spontaneously?


Change the topic at the last minute or take away all the slide decks away from the Coach and then ask him to coach

If he falters or behaves like a Fish out of Water, or gets upset, don’t waste your time and money.


Has your Coach earlier worked in Different Roles before becoming a Coach?


Has your coach worked in a different Non Coaching Roles, before he opted to become a Coach?


If No, then all his talk of Team Building, Inter-personal communication, Negotiations etc are simply hollow talk. They are simply academic. Just like a lecturer going through the motions to complete the syllabus!! Do the students connect in such a case?


Thinking of it in another way. The tips you get from a travel enthusiast who has traveled the globe are bound to totally different and valuable than merely looking up some website containing data!!!


Signing off and hope these tips are useful to those planning to engage with a Coach. To your Success!!

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