In Life, each individual goes in for a trade either almost daily or with a lesser frequency be it weekly, monthly or yearly. But trade everyone does. Even if you would consider a barter system, there is a trade-off involved.
Well, how then do you decide when to execute the trade? What is the tipping point or change of tide in the transaction? It’s probably the point where-in you feel or derive a sense of “Value” in the trade/transaction…
Come to think of it, it’s the Intrinsic Value System that drives each of one us in our lives, either consciously or not!!
Given that values bind each individual together in his everyday life and lifestyle,it would be worthwhile to delve deeper into understanding “Values” and their Resultants that get executed in our lives…through examples
If someone values Punctuality, he or she would make every effort to ensure that they reach “On-Time”.Individuals, Airlines etc model themselves on the value of punctuality
If someone values Humour, he or she would induce humour into their conversations at any given instance. You would have come across such folks in whose presence, it is impossible, not to grin. A comedian,a humour artist or a friend perhaps are examples
If someone values patience or silence, he or she would be calm even in the midst of a traffic pile up or in any queue for that matter or would simply listen in a conversation…
If someone values cleanliness, he or she would ensure that their immediate surroundings are not dirty!!
If someone values creativity, he or she would ensure that new forms and concepts keep springing to life in every possible aspect of their life
If someone values selfexpression, he or she would ensure that they find mediums to express their viewpoints on any platform or group or blog
If someone values safety, he or she would ensure compliance to the norms, like wearing a helmet when on a two wheeler or strapping the safety belt on a 4 wheeler or whatever the scenario be
Come to think of it, we have all aligned ourselves to some values either consciously or out of conscious awareness… It would be worthwhile to spend some “me-alone” time to list out your values…Some values may immediately strike a chord in you, while some values may resonate with your thought frequency, some values that outshine others,some values may make you feel good from within…
List down all these values…align and integrate these handpicked values into your daily activities…You would be surprised that procrastination disappears of it’s own accord!!
Again come to think of it, most solutions in life our simple.A Value Driven or Values Based alignment of our lives is as simple…and extremely effective as it can possibly be… It is our mind that is often allergic to simple solutions :)

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    • Team Wellness
      Team Wellness says:

      Yes, true Deepika. People can have different hierarchical values in them , and an individual as well can have flexible values hierarchy in him


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