Some really simple food for thought.
When life isn’t permanent… When our stay here isn’t permanent…
Can the problems we experience… be permanent??
Just be with this Sutra…Absorb it.. Let it seep into you…at its own pace..

  • Now…a brief back ground on the workings of our Mind.. to understand the Sutra…


Just be aware that the mind magnifies the problem, with What-If and What-Not analysis and projecting the hypothetical thoughts into a hypothetical setup… And we call ourselves Logical??
It’s not that such thoughts would cease, would desist from coming..
Thoughts cannot be controlled.
The more we try to control a certain category of thoughts… the more that particular category of thoughts will start bombarding the mind..
Using some oft quoted examples..
Do not think of an Elephant at any cost…
Do not think of Sex…
Any guess on the results :) . You have to think of them…only to not to think of them ;)
So the only thing that can be done is Watch!! Watch the thoughts… Watch them passing in your mind… You are watching your mind at a distance… Thoughts come and go…and You watch..
Do this in a disassociated manner. You simply have no control on thoughts or its quality.. Does anyone have any control on the wind.. It’s the breeze.. here now.. possibly gone a few minutes later…here today, possibly gone tomorrow.. Similar is the way of the thoughts.
So don’t get too bogged down by thoughts… This too shall pass…And all you can do is Laugh…and sort out the issue at hand…The whole quality…the whole approach is then qualitatively different..
Welcome to the World of Wellness.. It’s your birth-right :)

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  1. radhikasreflection
    radhikasreflection says:

    Watching the thoughts, can be developed into an interesting hobby ??!!
    On a serious note, I agree with you. But also it is good to hold on to positive and happy thoughts which definitely goes a long way in wellness?

  2. says:

    Thanks for sharing your view. While what you say is certainly true, I would just like to add my 2 pennies worth…We can look at it from a 3S perspective… Spiritual to Societal to Spiritual.
    Firstly.. from a Spiritual Perspective – One is born as a pure consciousness.. The just born has no idea implanted of positive and negative charges. he just is consciousness.. Pristine… Pure…An absolute unity…
    Subsequently the journey of dilution begins… A journey where Societal conscience takes dominance. Takes centre stage…comes to the fore… One now enters the phase of duality.. between positive and negative… between good and bad… between right and wrong…
    One needs to live this part as between polarities..There is no escaping this…and one is certainly better off trying to align with the positive.. Without this, the journey is incomplete, in-authentic.
    While one undergoes the above societal experiences, the consciousness is still there…waiting patiently in the background…non-intrusively.. its waits for one life or many lives.
    The journey back home is simply a remembrance. Or a drop from the clutches of polarity into that of an absolute Unity. A fall back into that absolute consciousness… and one has Truly arrived…


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