Were our ancestors subject to a less Chattering Mind??

Have there been monkeys which were calm and meditative??


Frankly, No..Not at all…(unless some of our ancestors in primate and human form were enlightened)

 Mind in one dimension also means split between duality, caught between choices, unsure…indecisive… Confused between this and that… trapped between binaries… What if the other choice is the right one? Am I walking down the wrong path??


Hence some true spiritualists declare that the “Mind means illness” and talk of a dimension beyond mind… (enlightened ) to be precise…

So unless and until Man through various centuries and geographies reached or reaches his highest potential, the Mind is entrapped…confined…and subjected to very similar mind chatter from the start of time…


To draw a parallel, the Kings in the day’s yonder would worry about their throne and kingdom…progeny, relations… and have debates/chatter(self-talk) within their mind on the best bet… Are politicians(or the so-called world leaders any different today?)

The common man once upon a time, used to worry more or less on similar lines as the king, except for the fact that their circle of influence was much smaller…but still used to debate/worry within their mind on the best bet

The beggar would worry about his next meal…but still used to debate within their mind on the best street to beg!!

So as long as one is entrapped within the mind, generations can come and go… the worry remains and much the same chatter continues perennially…

The cycle repeats!!

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