A Virus As a Service has hit us hard...
Telling Mankind, Wake up you Retards!!!

You play around with fire
One day I escape, and you face my ire

Whether you believe or not in Gods
I am ensuring that humanity is taken to the Dogs

You spare no one, be it bats, rats or cats
Thank you for giving me a chance to improve my stats
Out of your blatant disregard for Life
I have arisen to inflict upon you strife!!

As the Virus as a Service downloads
Origins shuttling between US and China
And as economies fumble
Xi, Donald and Co bumble
Of what use is this arsenal "Nuclear"
with their minds so "Unclear"!!

The exciting human rat race
is now moving at no pace
HR policies of No Work from Home
suddenly cry out Please... "Only Work from Home"
Doesn't matter if work takes a hit...
We will extract it later, bit by bit...
Working From Home,
Or Working For Home
doesn't really matter
as long as you have prepared the batter!!
No more Pubs, No more Wine
Only with your family shall you Dine

While the virus has brought us closer to death
It has also brought us even closer to Life
It is a great opportunity to Know your Wife
It is an even greater opportunity to Know Your Child
You also have the opportunity to Plan a Child
Spending time with them
you can at times go wild
some-other times you go mild

Use this time
Sitting in Silence
to ponder and wonder
From the deepest shadows of your Soul
Man's journey into this Stink-Hole

Man's utter disregard for all that is green
Except for paper which has a king or queen
Man's contempt for other creatures
Sheer insensitivity are his only features
Of what use is leaving the tender and new born
into the arms of Earth... barren,devastated and torn
Of what use is Clutching onto Caste, Creed or Greed
With Mankind Gone, there is simply no need
The weapons of Mass Destruction ready to be used
May simply be the last one's standing
Lying simply unused

Expecting Toothless Bodies to Govern
And Reign in Peace
When the apparent leaders are dime a Piece

Arise and Awake Man
One Individual at a Time
Taking One Step at a Time
Nurturing One Sapling at a Time
Freeing One Animal at a Time
As the longest of the journey
is often completed one step at a Time

Doesn't matter if there is no Heaven
Heaven after-all may be a Myth
But Hell...
can soon be a Reality
and it has already exposed our Frailty

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  1. Flashing Thought
    Flashing Thought says:

    I read your poem, re read it and read it again. Each time i tasted a kaleidoscopic portrayal of potions of a heady mix.
    A breakaway from tradition, yet originally “brahminic” in its style. It has portions of wit, wisdom, harsh reality, and sting, all draped in a silk of humour,…. with a tang.
    Looking forward to more from you.


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