Tolerate intrinsically implies a “limit”.

Imagine you are a cup and folks around you pour into the cup, their views that maybe against or diverging with your views. You tolerate. You can only tolerate to a certain extent and no more.

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If someone keeps poking you, you tolerate it for a couple of occasions, you ignore it and yet every-time you ignore it, you are also getting agitated and warmed up from within and after a certain threshold breach, you explode!!

You learn to tolerate, because somewhere you are also resisting the others view. When his views wear down your resistance, even the tolerance disappears. You would want to introspect whether any beliefs are getting challenged/violated in you by his views

Would you rather want to learn to accept, than tolerate?

Recall the blind men groping the elephant story… Each man gropes the elephant and arrives at a different perspective. Now who is right and who is wrong?

My assessment is right!!

A Similar divergence can be the experience of others who interact with you, and similar may be your assessment of their divergent views. That which appears diverging may well be converging too!!

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So simply accept the view that view points can vary and diverge from yours and that too is acceptable. With this approach, there is no resistance or no tolerance involved at all. Your world is without any belief boundary framework.

You can converse without having to boundaries to defend. And in a true sense, conversation happens and acceptance happens of its own accord.


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