Is there a “Secret to Control Your Thoughts”

Lets try it out.

Don’t think of a Mango…

Photo of Ripe Mangoes

Perhaps you have already imagined it…

Doesn’t matter. Here is another example

Don’t think of Sex

Gray Keypad

Perhaps, your mind has conjured up something on sex.

One basic principle is that the more one is determined “Not” to think of something, the more they end up thinking about it. If a direct entry is not permitted, an indirect entry, a backdoor entry works perfectly fine.

So instead of living with a belief signboard that “Only some categories of thoughts permitted”, consider changing the signboard to “All thoughts permitted”.

Photo of Wooden Signpost

The thoughts come and go, just like the clouds. As any and all categories of thoughts come and go through you just like the free flowing wind, a certain grace, a certain peace descends onto you.

The Energy, the Effort that was spent on quality controlling your thoughts is now available to you and a quantum leap happens of its own accord.Without religion, you have become religious.

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