A Zen story
A young disciple under an enlightened Master was cleaning the garden… The disciple in order to impress upon the Master took great efforts in ensuring that the plants were trimmed proper and manicured… The pathways strewn with leaves were all cleansed… A well cultivated garden it turned out to be…
He then waited patiently for the Master to shower appreciation for his efforts. The Master on watching the garden was bemused, but then quickly went about shaking the trees causing many leaves to fall scattered on the pathway. He then walked off with a smile……
Chasing Perfection requires the Other, the dependence of the other!! The garden was absolutely tranquil, absolutely at ease with itself.. If the garden is identified with it’s new cultivated image, it then becomes absolutely dependent on the gardener(monk) to trim it spic and span…for only then can the garden to be at ease. The monk may be here today, gone tomorrow. Future monks may not be interested in the garden at all…
Our Life is perfect…Raw…vibrant..rustic…alive…We are what we are this very moment..absolutely independent..
If life be considered Moment to Moment, we are perfect in every moment.. absolutely complete… Our imperfections…simply are instruments…are mediums to help us realize our perfection, our spontaneity, our naturalness… our acceptance…


Your Nature…Just be aware of it..


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