The World is a Stage -William Shakespeare


Act – React,Enact,Proact,Retract!!

Adding further to this, I would also quote that the world is a stage and the inhabitants of the world are actors…
To substantiate, we all live in accordance with certain “scripts”(stored in our brain through experience) that we execute in our lives.

The Brain-Storehouse of Scripts

These scripts come in various manifestations. The script can be uplifting, enhancing a core value, motivating on one end of the spectrum or can be self-defeating, destructive or that of procrastinating at the other end of the spectrum.
Trace out these scripts, and it would have been picked up or installed in us either knowingly or unknowingly by ourselves or someone else!!
So focus on incorporating your own uplifting scripts and surprisingly execution happens of its own accord!! If in the process you have to discard certain scripts, so be it… For then, you are living an authentic script, you are enacting your own script and that is from where arises joy!!!
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