Starting your day on the right note or right foot, is an important activity… it often sets the mood/temperament  for the rest of the day at-least… for most of us.
I personally find the first few minutes after waking up very sensitive…So here are some tips that can help one glide into a relaxed frame of mind for the rest of the day…

  • Get a good nights sleep

My apologies for stating the obvious… but there are times when we do overlook the obvious…
Sleep duration varies from individual to individual.. between 6 hours to 8 hours…Remember the intelligence of the body is at work when one is asleep… right from the liver to the kidney’s to the lungs and many other organs working with immaculate dedication.
Your body loves you…unconditionally… it always works to protect you to the extent possible, all in a silent manner. All it expects in turn is non interference in return!!.. by sleeping ;)

  • Sleep with soft relaxing music playing in the background…

Yes, soft relaxing instrumental music… not hard rock!!
Music/beats have a direct influence on shifting us between different emotional states. It’s a proven fact. Soft relaxing music slows the mind down…caresses the mind after a hard days work….and also alleviates the quality of sleep
Plug in your mp3/mp4/ I-pod player to the speaker and float with the gentle notes into deeper relaxation…Let the music sink deep into you…
Prem Joshua, Chinmaya Dunster, Music from the world of Osho, Aum chants, Ocean Wave sounds are some of my personal favourites which accompany me into sleep.
Afterall…If your nights are musical, so would your day :)

  • Cajole your pet immediately after waking up

Pets are alchemical…transformative…magical…unconditional… Hug them, pet them..first thing in the morning… They can make your day…

  • Smile….Laugh….with your eyes closed… on just waking up and then get up from bed…

Weird!! Yes, on day-1 you will find it difficult to even smile. Just remember one thing… Laughter is beyond the grasp of logic.. Smile…laugh for no apparent reason.. on the smallest of triggers…
Let some values remain free from the clutches of our logical mind…Let’s try and confuse logic…
Day-2 Smile
Day-3 Smile
And soon a day will come…when the smile is transformed into laughter of its own accord…
waking up
There are many.. many more ways which work for you…Please feel free to share your views on what helps you Slip and Glide Away to make your day :)
Afterall sharing is caring…is it not?? Please do share your World of Wellness with all…You never know…it may be the doc’s tonic for someone…somewhere…in some corner of the globe..

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