If each day is a copy of the previous day, Oh what a pity it is -Shamz Tabrizi
This saying by the Sufi Mystic Shamz Tabrizi is profound indeed.
Man is Life and Life is Unpredictability…
Life in One dimension is all about security, safety, and predictability. Good to have… no doubt… In the movie Shawshank Redemption, there is a line to this effect which goes “The Man has been institutionalized”… The prison becomes home for many an individual serving a Life Sentence. They get used to the predictability, the routine, the familiarity of the prison walls…


Shawshank Redemption -Worth a Watch

Similar is the mode of operation for an individual whose life revolves around stability, safety, and predictability!! But along with it comes restlessness, boredom, irritability, recklessness and more!! One ends up in a cage, a golden cage no less, but still feels a kind of suffocation, stills feels that something essential is missing somewhere in their deepest recesses…a place not very far away…somewhere really close, yet elusive…The hunt for this elusive space is what Life provides!!
Man’s thinking too, once institutionalized…at times can be rather one dimensional, compared to the multi-dimensional offers of Life…A man at times tends to pluck out a beautiful cloud from the sky… but along with it comes the thunder and lightning contained within much to his unpreparedness!! Life always has other plans…a surprise package…
Simply put…Life is an Opportunity… A choice… A risk… It’s very intrinsic nature is risk….which makes it alive, which brings with it a possibility of growth…And with growth is also a possibility of failure…Often ending up short…yet trying…yet pursuing to succeed…to grow…to evolve…
Every day is an opportunity to explore something creative, to break free, of letting go…of rigid behavioral patterns or sub-optimal belief’s or views or predictability….of opening up to something bigger, something inviting, something seducing…of experimenting with something new…A hobby…a deep long last art perhaps…The possibilities are many…The question here is “Are you willing”??
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